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the nsa and the irs targeting and others. those won't go away anytime soon especially angela merkel perhaps the most powerful woman in the world. herself saying this is a compromise between german and u.s. relations and if in fact it's true that this government has been eavesdropping on her calls. we don't know its true right now but is president obama is seen as just another politician or diminishing our profile in the world that would go against frankly what has been his ranch distinction along. >> host: stefan hankin i wanted to follow up on what kellyanne was saying. this is from brett. moderate republicans may defect to the democrats have challenged by the tea party in primaries and i put -- >> guest: i agree with the caveat and this is what i talked about earlier that the democrats and a positive vision of what they stand for. if you look at the republican party broadly he sort of tend to have three groups and you have your evangelicals. you have your tea party and your moderate or establishment republicans and i'm generalizing obviously but certainly they're not going to be w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1